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Where Fans come to Represent

SIQ is a fun way for fans to enjoy the football season and represent themselves in a growing list of competitions.

Our weekly challenge is easy; simply pick the winners of each week's professional football games, then see where you rank against your friends and family.

Tired of your brother-in-law talking trash about your team? Does your drunk uncle claim to know football, yet can't name a player from this decade?

Invite them to SIQ and mock them when they earn a "Fuzzy Little Bunny" ranking.

NFL Fans of all levels are sure to love our Free Fantasy Football Pickem challange!

Football fan couple

Football fan Prayer

A New Twist on Fantasy Football

Our competition offers a unique twist by ranking participants against one another in new and interesting ways:
  • NFL Football Fans (Fans vs. Fans)
  • State (State vs. State)
  • Occupation (Job Wars)
  • Gender (Gender Bender)
  • Nemesis (Rivalry Insight)

Prove which NFL team has the best fans

We rank players against each other based upon their favorite NFL team, New York Jets Fans against New England Patriots fans and etc. Whichever NFL football team you follow, represent their fans and battle against the fans of rival teams.

Help Spread The Word

Help us spread the word by creating social-media attention to your accomplishments on SIQ. Call out your friends to compete and back up their trash talking.

Free Fantasy Football Leaderboards
Career Season Weekly
Job Wars Fans vs. Fans State vs. State
Gender Bender Hall of Fame Charity Pool

New Features

Cash Call Out Championship

SIQ Dead Pool (Suicide Pool)

Favorite Competitions

Fantasy IQ Question Championship

Fantasy Lock Pick Championship

Fantasy King of Bling Championship

Super Bowl Predictions

Free Fantasy Football Fun

Greatest Football Movies of all Time

NFL Team Movie Trivia Puzzle

NFL Team Soduku Puzzle

Free Fantasy Football Links

NFL Schedule

Position Rankings:  QB   RB   WR   TE   K

Free Fantasy Football Draft Worksheet

Football fan couple

Raise Awareness to Your Cause

Select a cause that is near to your heart and help raise awareness and money for your selected charity. Players have the choice to select a charity, which customizes their profile with awareness facts regarding their selected cause.

View The Eligible Charities

SundayIQ.Com donates $1 for each participant of our annual Charity Pool challenge, with he Winner of the challenge dictating which charity recieves the total funds.

Congratulations to Tom Haskins for winning our Season 9 (2015) Charity Pool, $100 was donated to AmeriCares on your behalf. Tom completed his 5th season of extending his trophy count to 14, 9 Tokens, 55 Lock Picks and 33 IQ Questions.

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