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Student Council

Student Council

The student council is a group where student representatives can discuss and debate issues which affect the school and the wider school community.

They are elected annually by their fellow students in election week.


The purpose of the student council is for school leaders to have an awareness of issues that are affecting students and to have an appreciation of student views in school policy.  In some circumstances, senior leaders in the school might involve the council in decision making.

The Cabinet:

The cabinet is a group in the student council which takes on specific responsibilities in the school and the wider community to make the school a better place for students.  Year councillors must apply to the Chair of the Student Council to join the cabinet. 

The cabinet has the following positions at present:

External Representative of the School Council: Represents the school to external visitors and groups.

Environmental Secretary: Responsible for helping to promote a clean school environment and a better wider community. This person will work with the Green Team and Mr Campbell.

Equality and Anti-Bullying Secretary: Responsible for ensuring all students in the school are respected and have equal opportunities.

Facilities Secretary: Responsible for promoting suitable facilities for students in the school.

Charity and Fundraising Secretary: Responsible for promoting good causes and fundraising within the school and wider school community.

Chair: Responsible for organising initiatives and policies.

Vice Chair: Responsible for assisting the Chair in his or her duties.

Year Group Councillors: two representatives from each year group are responsible for representing the interests of students in their year groups.  Councillors attend meetings and participate in debates and decision making.  They assist the chair and vice-chair in their duties.  Student Councillors can be identified by the student council badge and special tie they wear.



Mrs V Roszkowski

Overall Head of School Leadership

Mr T Glasper

Teacher Liaison to the Student Council

Leroyd Koranteng

Year 7 Councillor

Jessica Olulode

Year 7 Councillor

Jojo Forson

Year 8 Councillor

Mia-Faith Anderson

Year 8 Councillor

Joel Ntiamoah

Year 9 Councillor

Angel Aojar

Year 9 Councillor

Owen Ehioghae

Year 10 Councillor

Gabriela Espinal Alviz

Year 10 Councillor

Dennis Iyamu

Year 11 Councillor

Samantha Itaifo

Year 11 Councillor

Sultan Odukoya

Vice Chair

Erica Aguiar