SundayIQ Ranking Titles
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Fantasy Elite

101 - 300 Points

Absolute perfection. You are a Fantasy Football God and all should praise you.

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91 - 100 Points

Maniacally laughing at the long list of experts that fell short of your vast knowledge in all things football; there is no questioning your superior wisdom. Those who doubted you are now shamed into the fetal position, hiding in their closet applying lipstick through their tears.

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81 - 90 Points

There is no questioning the football knowledge that goes along with achieving an Expert ranking. Separating from the amateur ranks of Average Joe and shutting the yapping traps of all that judge you.

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71 - 80 Points

Professional picker of pigskin prognostication.

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Hot Lucky Intern

61 - 70 Points

There was a fair amount of luck involved with the success of this team, however given the competition sometimes luck is enough. This ranking title is inspired from the notion that sometimes it’s better to be pretty than good.

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Average Joe

51 - 60 Points

Middle of the road performance, it is clear that you know no more about football than the average Joe. Have you considered using darts to make your picks?

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41 - 50 Points

This less than stellar performance leads us to believe that this player has just begun to watch football and is likely selecting winners based upon uniform colors. Common traits of a Newbie is referring to the Colts as “The Horseshoes” or selecting all the home teams.

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Aunt Ruth

31 - 40 Points

Congratulations, you have the football aptitude of my Aunt Ruth. She doesn’t watch the game or know any player’s names; however she can knit scarves like something fierce. To recap, shameful effort this week, you may want to consider watching a game. (They are “mostly” on Sunday)

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Fuzzy Little Bunny

21 - 30 Points

You have got to be kidding me! Congratulations, your knowledge of football is about as threatening as a small forest creature. Have you considered actually watching football?

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Coma Patient

1 - 20 Points

This is truly tragic. Making predictions while blindfolded is not recommended. The alternative is you broke the first rule of SIQ and made your picks so late that most of the week’s games had already started. Which as you now know earns you this special ranking.