SundayIQ How to Play

How To Play

Our site is 100% free, easy to play, and fun for everyone. With less than two minutes a week, you can compete in a growing list of challenges.

Leverage our easy to use interface to pick who you think will win in each week's NFL games. The percentage of games you pick correctly determines your Sunday IQ.

Charity Pool Tokens

Each week, the top 3 players are awarded Charity Pool tokens. Each token allows the rewarded players to select one box in our Charity Pool. The player with the box aligned to the final score of the NFL Superbowl is crowned our Charity Pool Champion and a $100 donation is made in their name to their selected eligible charity.

Token Distribution
  • 1st Place - 3 Tokens
  • 2nd Place - 2 Tokens
  • 3rd Place - 1 Tokens

Bonus Points

You are given a chance to earn bonus points by competing in our Lock Pick and IQ Questions challenges. These are optional, however no points are lossed for incorrect answers, so if you don't know, guess.

 Lock Pick

Each week you pick one team that you think is a sure thing to win. This is refered to as your Lock Pick. You are only allowed to use each NFL team once per season, so choose carefuly. Successfully making your lock pick earns you one bonus point.

 IQ Questions

Each week you can answer 5 (Multiple Choice) IQ Questions. Successfully answering any of the questions earns you one bonus point for each correct answer.

Examples of these questions are:
  • Which team will score the most points?
  • Which team will score the fewest points?
  • Which QB will throw the most Passing Yards?
  • Which RB will have the most Rushing Yards?
  • Which WR will have the most Receiving Yards?